Tyrrhenian coast (Riviera Lazio)

The Tyrrhenian coast is a real paradise for diving enthusiasts. This is about 100 km of clean wide beaches, amazing bays, steep cliffs, clear water and an incredibly rich underwater world. The most famous resorts of this region are Terracina, Maratea, Sabaudia and Gaeta.

In the south of the Tyrrhenian coast is also the Amalfi coast of Italy. If you are going to this region, we advise you to pay attention to the resorts of Positano, Amalfi and Sorrento. The beaches of the Amalfi Coast are quite narrow, but incredibly beautiful 🙂

Quite a lively and developed seaside resort on the west coast of Italy. It is located not far from Rome, therefore many tourists successfully combine sightseeing holidays in the capital with the sea. The length of the beaches of Terracina is about 15 km. All of them are in excellent condition and are well suited for families. Also, this region is famous for the air with a high content of iodine. Therefore, the rest in Terracina will be not only fun, but also with health benefits 🙂

How to get there
The city is located 111 km from Rome and 127 km from Naples. You can get there by bus or rented car. The journey takes about 2-2.5 hours.

What to watch
When you get tired of lying on the beach, head to the historic center of the city – Upper Terracina. Many castles, fortresses and stone walls have been preserved here. It is worth seeing the Neapolitan Gate, the Emilian Forum, the Cathedral of St. Cesarius, the Venditti Castle, the Bishop’s Palace and the ancient Tower of Roses.


Do you love not only the sea, but also the architecture of charming old towns? Then be sure to plan your holiday in Amalfi, the heart of the Amalfi Coast. The city itself is located in the rock, so all the streets in it are connected by carved stairs, passages and amazing bridges. The city is literally buried in luxurious vegetation – grapes, olive, orange and lemon trees grow everywhere. The main occupations of the local population are fishing, sailing, the production of limoncello (there is even a festival of this drink in summer) and pasta. It seems that you have already understood that it is definitely worth a try here? 🙂

How to get there
The most convenient way to get to Amalfi is by rented car or bus from Naples (62 km, about an hour and a half on the way).

What to watch
In Amalfi there is the Cathedral of St. Andrew, in which, according to the stories of local residents, the relics of the Apostle Andrew the First-Called, the patron saint of the city, are kept. We also advise you to just take a walk and see the surroundings – various bays, grottoes (the most famous is the Emerald), rocks and incredible landscapes will forever remain in your memories.

Adriatic coast of Italy (Adriatic Riviera)
The east coast of Italy is considered to be the most popular and the best for a seaside holiday. The length of the Adriatic coast is more than 1,000 km. Here you can find holidays for every taste and budget. Big cities and small villages, clean and almost always warm sea, architecture and plenty of entertainment will make your holiday on the Adriatic coast of Italy just magical. The most famous resort towns are Rimini, Pesaro, Milano Marittima, Gabicce Mare and others.

Rimini (Roman Riviera)

Rimini is a major Italian resort and at the same time a beautiful port city with a long history. The coast of Rimini (15 km long) is well equipped and has everything you need for a comfortable seaside holiday (there are playgrounds, showers, sun loungers, umbrellas, etc.). By the way, almost all the beaches of Rimini are paid. This city is also popular because it was here that the winner of five Oscars, director Federico Fellini, was born!

How to get there
Federico Fellini International Airport is 8 km from Rimini, so you can buy tickets for a direct flight and not worry about local transport. There is public transport from the airport to the city. If you are going to travel along the coast, then rent a car.

What to watch
Enjoy the ancient streets and architecture to the fullest! Start your holiday in Rimini with an introduction to the city. Head to Piazza Cavour, which is surrounded by beautiful palaces, make a wish at the Pigna Fountain, walk under the Arc de Triomphe of Augustus, and be sure to visit the Roman Amphitheater, where gladiatorial fights were held. Also from the entertainment resort of Rimini offers to visit Europe’s largest water park Aquafan, a dolphinarium, many restaurants, bars and night discos. You can also go shopping in Rimini and bring some memorabilia from your trip 🙂