Many tourists, turning to travel agencies, want to relax in Italy with their families. They are offered well-known resorts, which are famous for their hospitality.

What are the most popular resorts in Italy?

The most visited is the resort of Rimini.

The sea differs here in small depths. Fine sand, gentle slopes are great places to relax with kids. There are many paid beach areas equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay.

Numerous playgrounds are the main feature of the beaches of Rimini, which makes this resort a preferred choice among tourists who want to relax with children. Older children will also find something to do here. A variety of attractions, water parks, sports grounds are available for visiting family tourists.

Lake Garda is another Italian “family” resort.

Many kilometers of local beaches attract vacationers who come to Italy on vacation with their families. Here is the famous amusement park Movieland. More than 500 thousand tourists come here every year.

Its main feature is a sparing admission regime for visiting attractions. Movieland has its own water park. Various performances and show programs delight children and surprise adults. In the vicinity of Lake Garda there are natural parks where you can not only see rare animals, but also organize outdoor activities.

The resort of Riccione is a great option for relaxing with children of any age.

Gorgeous beaches attract a huge number of family tourists. Here is the largest Italian water park “Aquafan”, equipped with 5 huge heated pools.

Another Oltremare park is located in the immediate vicinity of Aquafan. This is a unique place where the goal is to preserve nature in its original form. The islands of nature and adventure are a great choice for family tourists who want their children to take part in exciting water battles, swim in dancing fountains, and see unique birds. There is a dolphinarium, a planetarium, as well as other interesting objects offering to organize an unforgettable educational vacation.

National Archaeological Museum in Naples

The National Archaeological Museum of Naples is a real reserve for lovers of ancient history. The basis of its fund is made up of unique finds discovered during the excavations of Pompeii, Paestum, Herculaneum, Locri and other cities of the ancient Roman civilization.

The first floor of the museum is occupied by the “old collection” – the archaeological collection of the Farnese family, brought here back in 1813. In 15 rooms, Greek and Roman coins, sculptures of Hercules, Antinous, Venus, as well as the famous monumental composition “Farnese Bull” are presented – more than 200 rare exhibits in total. In the right wing there are “trophies” of the first archaeological excavations made in southern Italy: antique vases, bowls, bronze sculptures, marble columns, terracotta statues and weapons.

The collection of “Egyptian antiquities” lives on the second floor. In terms of the number of exhibits, it ranks third in Italy. The Hall of Frescoes, which houses the works of ancient masters of the 2nd-1st centuries BC, makes the collection world-class. The fresco “Battle of Alexander the Great with Darius” is recognized as the pearl of “antiquities”. In 170-160 BC. e. she decorated the floors in the Pompeian house of the Faun. Artifacts of an erotic nature are presented in a separate exposition of the Secret Cabinet.

You can visit the museum on any day except Tuesday. Free photo and video shooting is allowed in the museum.