Speaking of Italy, I want to switch to high-sounding style.

Everything here is filled with exquisite, eternal beauty.

Verona is one of the most romantic and elegant cities in Italy. It is located in the northeast of the country. The city stands on the banks of the Adige River, the smooth flow of which makes the rhythm of life here slow and thoughtful. And at the same time, the river carries its waters at a sufficient speed that you do not have a feeling of stagnation and boredom. Exciting sensations arise when you realize that after a few kilometers the river flows into Lake Garda – a beautiful place, the famous region of the Italian Riviera.

The city itself enchants with its streets, buildings and atmosphere. It was here, according to Shakespeare, that the love story of Romeo and Juliet was set. Love, history and a sense of romance are in the air here.

In the city center, not far from the central square of Piazza delle Erbe, there is the famous Juliet’s courtyard. The courtyard adjoins a building built in the 12th century, which belonged to the eminent Verona family. A balcony was added to the building after Shakespeare’s play became a classic.

It is here that many visitors to the city flock. At the entrance to the famous courtyard, there is a wall completely covered with love messages from lovers from all over the world. They are written for happiness and in the hope of a long, love-filled relationship. This is a unique place: the aspirations of many people for endless love seem to be in the air, and they are felt physically. In this small space, you very strongly feel the positive energy of hope for love and reciprocity. The people who have come here are charged with these thoughts, and they penetrate you, regardless of age and gender.

The city itself is replete with other, true historical sights: the ancient Roman Amphitheater and the gates to the city, Gothic churches, museums.

Arches of the Scaligers are tombstones of the della Scala family, who ruled the city for several centuries and significantly expanded the city’s possessions.

The next place that I would like to pay attention to is Giusti’s garden. This place is known for its statues frozen in motion. And also in this garden a small labyrinth was made, where, according to legend, lovers, having found each other, will never part again.

And the embankment becomes the final element of the mandatory places. Stepping on it, you find yourself on a wide street, so contrasting with the narrow streets of Verona. The embankment itself subtly resembles Venice with its canals and bridges. You can also find here wonderful shops with a variety of little things that are lovely for every traveler.

In general, you will not be bored in Verona. At the same time, walking along the endless streets and looking at various sights, you can thoroughly get hungry. And what to do, where to go?

The first place I would like to recommend is Osteria Il Bertoldo. Here you can taste not only wonderful Italian pasta, but also many other delicacies that Italy is so famous for. And the interior will only set you up for a good appetite.

The second institution is Trattoria La Pesa. Here you can try traditional Italian cuisine, plunge into the atmosphere of an Italian holiday. Because locals come to this trattoria to have a bite to eat and listen to live music. If you are lovers of surprises, then I advise you to just walk along the narrow streets and find a place to your liking. After all, all the most wonderful is hidden in the quiet places of the city.

I hope you are already packing your suitcase for a trip to this unique place!

I wish you all many interesting journeys, in good company and to wonderful places.