The Italian city of Rimini is the most popular resort on the Adriatic coast. And this is understandable, because here you can find everything that we love and appreciate so much in Italy: beautiful nature, the sea, the atmosphere of a resort town, Roman heritage and Renaissance monuments. Let’s take a closer look at this cozy resort of Emilia-Romagna.


This season, for the first time in a long time, a direct charter flight from Odessa to Rimini flies from Odessa, which allows you to comfortably and with significant savings get to Italy in just a few hours. In the morning you are still sleeping in your bed, and a few hours later you are drinking coffee in Italy for breakfast!


The weather in Rimini is perfect for relaxing! The climate in the region is mild: in summer there is no strong heat, and in winter the temperature does not fall below zero. The beach season lasts from June to September, because it is during this period that the weather is the warmest and the sea is warm enough for swimming.


In Rimini, as in any ancient city, beautiful architectural structures have been preserved that have preserved the amazing history of the city. The ancient bridge of Tiberius, called by the locals the “Devil’s Bridge” because of its incredible strength, was built in the 14th century BC. Just think, for more than 2 thousand years the bridge has not collapsed! It is still in good condition and will stand for a long time, is it not a mystic ….
Also in the city is the oldest arch in Europe – the Arch of Emperor Augustus. It appeared after the completion of the construction of the road between the Adriatic coast and Rome, and today is one of the most popular places among tourists in the city. This beautiful landmark once played an important role: it was the southern city gate in the fortress walls. By the way, the skeletons of the gate have survived to this day: they are located not far from the arch, in the Alcide Cervi park.
The Temple of Malatesta is the place where tours of Rimini usually begin. This temple, built in the 12th century, is the best example of Franciscan Gothic. The temple was rebuilt from a church into a family museum in the 15th century, but due to financial difficulties it was not completely finished (the main facade and interior were never completed). Today the temple is open to visitors. Here you can see two interesting works. The first is the “Crucifixion” by Giotto, which was made at the beginning of the 14th century. The second is a fresco by Piero della Francesca, which depicts Sigismondo Malatesta himself.


The beaches of Rimini are stretched along the coast for 15 km and are equipped with everything you need for a comfortable stay: sun loungers, awnings, umbrellas and various playgrounds, and free Wi-Fi is also available on the beaches. The signature feature of the coast of Rimini is cleanliness and well-groomed. Every morning the sand is leveled, the garbage is removed, and the sun loungers are washed.
The resort is easy to navigate: the coast is divided into 10 zones. So, each beach has its own number and its own stop. The numbering starts in the center, from Fellini Park, from beach No. 1 and continues south to No. 150. The coastal areas north of Viserba have a separate numbering (from 1 to 76).


On average, a trip to Rimini will cost you 890 EUR. For this money you get accommodation in a comfortable hotel, meals (usually breakfast), insurance, transfer and flight.
Ideas for holidays in Rimini:

August 1, 7 nights, Scarlet 3* hotel, meals – breakfast + dinner, cost – €354/person
1.08, 7 nights, Bamby 3* hotel, meals – breakfast, price – €498/person
1.08, 7 nights, i-Suite 5* hotel, meals – breakfast, price – €1,225/person
Italy tour ideas from Rimini:

August 1, 7 nights, excursion tour “Italian Puzzle”, accommodation in 3* hotels, meals – breakfast, cost – €329/person
August 8, 7 nights, excursion tour “Italian Puzzle”, accommodation in 3* hotels, meals – breakfast, cost – €364/person
<Other suggestions

Vacation with children

Going to Rimini with children, you can be sure that the rest will be calm and interesting! The presence in the city of a dolphinarium and two large amusement parks will provide an unforgettable vacation for children and their parents. So, a visit to the Italy in Miniature park will be an excellent choice for the whole family. Both adults and children will find something to do here. On an area of ​​more than 80,000 m there are 270 smaller copies of the most famous sights of Italy, including the Roman Colosseum, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Mount Etna and St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican. Of course, here you can ride the rides, play one of the many slot machines, visit an interesting scientific exhibition. In the “high season” the cost of an adult ticket reaches 22 EUR, and a child ticket – 16 EUR.


The cuisine in Rimini is unique! Historically, Gallo-Germanic, Greek-Latin, Byzantine and Arab cultures merged here, which could not but affect the culinary traditions of the region.
So, the most recognizable dish of the region is the famous piadina flatbread with soft squaquerone cheese. Also, cappelletti are popular here – Italian dumplings with different fillings. Of the meat dishes, they prefer lamb marinated in wine, fried with onions, garlic and tomatoes. And it was in Rimini that lasagna was invented! So do not miss the chance to enjoy the delicious taste of real Italian lasagna.
Cheese making is very developed in the city, and fossa and pecorino cheeses are especially appreciated here. And only here it is allowed to make the famous and beloved by aesthetes parmesan cheese. Also, Parma ham and balsamic are made here.


If Milan is the fashion capital of the world, then Rimini is the budget capital of the world fashion. If you want to know what is worth buying in this small resort town, then take a pen and write down (or take a screenshot):

fur. The choice of fur coats in Rimini is very decent, but you should immediately go out of town, where prices are much lower. The most famous fur factories are Braschi (more expensive) and Unifur (more budget).
shoes. High-quality and beautiful Italian shoes can be bought at fairs or markets, in outlets and shopping centers, but best of all – in factories where shoes are made. Well-known shoe factories are Baldinini, Dibrera, Pollini, Sergio Rossi, Vicini, and among the popular shoe warehouses, we note Muzi Moschino, Prada, Nando, Fiorangelo. The difference in the cost of one pair of shoes bought in a warehouse and in a company store can be 150 euros.
clothes. All shopping points can be divided into 3 huge categories: shopping centers, boutiques and outlets. There are only two most famous shopping centers in Rimini: The Sorceress (Le Befane) is a huge hypermarket with more than 130 branded shops like Zara, Nike, Benetto, as well as many Italian brands. The second shopping center is I Malatesta (I Malatesta) It is slightly smaller than the first, but more loved by local Italians. There are more than 40 boutiques here. Most of the boutiques are concentrated in the Corso d’Augusto area, and for sportswear and casual wear, you can go to the Fuzzi Factory outlet. For beachwear and accessories at great prices, we go to the streets that stretch along the coast – these are the already mentioned Via Regina Elena and Via Vespucci: the famous Pollini outlet is located on the latter.
Rimini is closest to the state of San Marino, which all true shopaholics know about. The country is a duty-free zone, so the prices of many goods are approximately 20% cheaper than in Italy. Do you dream of updating your wardrobe for 500 euros or buying a luxurious fur coat worth up to 1500 euros? Then you should definitely visit San Marino!


In addition to all the above-mentioned assets of the city, Rimini has another very pleasant feature – it is located quite close to Rome, Florence and Venice, respectively, you can get to them quickly enough. So, having got acquainted with Rimini itself, do not miss the opportunity to visit the most famous and beautiful cities of Italy. Excursions to these destinations are often organized from the city, so just choose the days when you go to Rome to view the Colosseum and the Roman Forum, travel along the endless canals of Venice and get acquainted with the cultural heritage of Florence.


Rimini is a city of nightlife. And this is especially appreciated by young people who come here from all over Europe in search of a fun, carefree holiday, new acquaintances and adventures. Here you will find a large number of clubs and discos for every taste.

The city also hosts various festivals. The most famous is Pink Night. The party theme is pink. Everything is decorated according to the dress code of the party, DJs perform their best tracks, young people dance and this whole atmosphere seems to revive the city in a new way. This year the event will take place on July 6th.